Saathvik Naga Sai Kylas finds a place in International Wonder Book of Records

The youngster, passionate about cricket, recorded 55 side bat hits in just 15 seconds to etch his place in the International record book.

Secunderabad (Telangana) [India], April 13: Secunderabad resident Saathvik Naga Sai Kylas has achieved what few can dream of at his age. The 15-year-old has found a place in the International Wonder Book of Records for his amazing feat of recording 55 side bat hits in just 15 seconds.

Saathvik Naga Sai Kylas, who has been passionate about cricket since he was a young child, attempted the official record on April 8 at Bolton School in Secunderabad. He achieved success immediately with as many as 55 side bat hits in a quarter of a minute. Bingi Narender Goud, Chief Co-ordinator of Wonder Book of Records in India, along with Telangana Chief Co-ordinator Dr. LN Vijaya Lakshmi – National Coordinator in Sports, Dr. Devender Bandari – Telangana Chief Coordinator, lauded the teenager for his achievement and handed over the official record entry to Saathvik. 

“I am thrilled to find a place in the prestigious International World Book of Records. It is just the beginning, and I look forward to realising my dream to become a professional cricketer and represent the country at the highest level. It’s a Starting step in my life. I aspire to make a mark in the Guinness Book of World records in the next six months and will show the impossible possible,” says a delighted Saathvik Naga Sai Kylas, who started playing cricket at the age of 11 and is also a very good guitar player.

“Saathvik has been mad about cricket since we can remember. He is enthusiastic, hard-working, focused, likes to take up new challenges, and does not give up till he has reached his goal. He is also keen to learn new things. We are happy to support him and help him realise his dreams,” says Saathvik’s father, Vikas Kylas (Founder & CEO – Ananya Gems N Jewels, President – VBN Hyderabad Diamond

“Initially, when Saathvik had started side bat hits, he could only do a max of 4-5. After dedicated efforts of 4 Months, he could make it to 55. Apart from that, he can continuously hit the ball for 12-15 Mins now. All his passion and dedication have brought this to this Stage here.” says his mother, Sudha Kylas.

His brother is all praises for Saathvik. The Founder & CEO of Digital Connect, a digital marketing agency, Nikeelu Gunda adds, “Saathvik is a Multi-Talented Champ, a Quick learner and Good at accepting and taking on challenging tasks. 

Mr. Saathvik Naga Sai Kylas also extended sincere gratitude to coaches Ranjit Kumar and Srinivas Sir of Swayamkrushi Cricket Academy for guiding Saathvik and helping him channel his energies in the right direction.

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