November 11: India is a huge country with lots of rich assets, making it one of the most influential countries in the world. However, the amount of resources the country possesses is still unutilized. India has thousands of small-scale businesses as well as individual workmanship which have not come to the surface yet. They are a big contributor to the economy, but their contributions remain concealed as they remain unrecognized in general. Many initiatives have been taken by the government for the success of the ventures. Contributing their share in the process, SevaHUB works to make local Indian businesses independent and successful.

Founded in 2020, SevaHUB is India’s first video-based online B2B2C marketplace which serves as a medium of communication for buyers and suppliers. Mr. Ashish Sharma is the Founder and Managing Director of the company. To guide small-scale companies to be independent and self-sufficient, helping them reach their potential audience by providing them the opportunity to present their products and services, SevaHUB has influenced and inspired the small-scale industries of the countries to be more independent and more efficient than ever.

As India’s first video-based online B2B2C industry, SevaHUB has laid importance on its advanced advertising system as the smartest way, through which the small-scale industries get every resource they might want to upscale their business game while also providing the opportunity to the companies to create their content that reaches the potential group of customers. The company is working hard to bridge the gap between small and middle-scale enterprises (MSMEs) and large units as well as individuals. The advertisement procedure makes it easier for global customers to visit and explore amazing marketplaces, backed by modern technological services.

SevaHUB is unique and comes with a better solution for all your needs. The company also believes in “Swadeshi hai to Sahi hai”, which incorporates the idea to empower every small-scale and medium-scale enterprise, as well as individuals, workmanship. SevaHUB believes that the growth of the Indian Economy depends on the “Swadeshi Vikretas”, the manpower engaged in local businesses, and the talents which are yet to be discovered. The wonderful talents of the country working with professionals create magic. The process of inspiring people to be self-reliant enables the traditional methods to carry on new technological solutions.

SevaHUB is a solution that is the first of its type in India for demonstrating the business to every user of the platform via video presentation, creating an opportunity for business collaborations and expansions, connecting users to the supplier for drawing attention to their products or services, and location-based search resources to explore products and services. The company also provides you rewards in the form of “Shaguns” for watching the complete video of the products and services available which is unique in itself. A platform built for the efficiency of people and effective solution-providing function in Video Marketing, SevaHUB has got everything a seller and buyer wants in a single platform, making it a solution that is the first of its type in India.

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