New Delhi (India), June 6: The Crazy Tales successfully presented the Powerful Women Award on May 31, 2023, at the Crowne Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi. The awards were presented to commemorate the women who have done exceptional work in their field of interest. Along with this, The Crazy Tales did their curtain raiser for the Coffee Table Book featuring the 51 Most Powerful Women from all over India, which will be launched in July. Two editions of The Coffee Table Book have been launched previously and received a lot of positive reviews.

The Crazy Tales believe that a single success story motivates others’ stories too. With this vision, every year, Manish Mishra and Amrita Kar, the founders of The Crazy Tales, honor influential women from all over the nation.

The event started with the host, Rimjhim, going around the audience, which consisted of successful ladies, and taking the introduction. The honored guests of the event gave an insight into their journey toward success and provided the viewers with words of wisdom. The founder of The Crazy Tales, Amrita Kar, took the stage as the moderator for the panel discussion. She greeted all the ladies who started with dreams in their eyes and their male counterparts for always supporting them in achieving such dreams.

Rimjhim called on the panelists and guests of honor for their introductions. Dr.Vasima, Nutrition and Wellness Expert at Healthy Nutradiets, was the first to share her thoughts on stage. Specialist; and about maintaining a work-life balance, which gets difficult with the fast world nowadays. She urged us to eat junk only once a week and plan our lives financially.

Next on the stage was Neha Tyagi, AGM Procurement, who shared her story of working and making her identity in a male-dominated industry. She believed that women are the best survivors and are full of strength. This pushed her to make an identity in the manufacturing industry, which is predominantly a male-dominated area of expertise.

The lamp lighting for the event took place with the panelists and guests of honor, Dr.Vasima, Neha Tyagi, Dr.Tanya Bajaj, sports physiotherapist and founder of My Saviour Physio, Sonia Pandey, yoga trainer and mentor, the media partner, Sagar Barik from Seen Media Publications, and Manish Mishra, co-founder of The Crazy Tales.

Following this, a panel discussion was held in the presence of our esteemed panelists and guests of honor. The panel discussion was moderated by Amrita Kar. Her first question was to Dr. Tanya Bajaj about the importance of physiotherapy. Her answer to the same question was that physiotherapy provides people with a lifestyle where they can live their lives to the fullest without getting injured. Physiotherapy heals without any medicines or surgery. She ended her answer with a small quote: “A physiotherapist gives you hope when you have lost one!”

The next question was to Neha Tyagi about how she managed to make a mark in the male-dominated industry of manufacturing. Her answer started with reference to a study on the difference in the use of leadership tools between men and women. According to the study, women used the tools in a 50% higher ratio than men, but men had more confidence. Neha asserted that it is the confidence that can take you to the stars and make you imprint your name on them. She said that women should be rewarded and appreciated because it is the cultural gap that holds them back from achieving their full potential.

The stage was opened for questions from the audience. A question popped up about how women are always objectified, not just by men but also by their female counterparts too. This harms their mentality and constrains them. The question asked for a solution to the same. Dr. Bajaj took up the question and gave the example of her mother and her mother-in-law sitting in the audience, who always supported her in everything. This stigma can be solved by mutual trust and encouragement within the female fraternity itself.

The next question was to Sonia Pandey by moderator Amrita Kar, asking about the importance of yoga. She said that internal and spiritual cleaning are also important. Her message to women is that they need to take some time for themselves too; otherwise, the hustles of day-to-day life will take over.

The next question was for Dr.Vasima on healthy lifestyle changes. She said that every person has a different body type and a different work environment. For this reason, every nutrition plan is tailor-made. One example is to always sit down while drinking water. 

The panel discussion ended with a group photograph of all the panelists with Ms. Amrita Kar, the founder of The Crazy Tales and the moderator of the panel discussion.

After the lunch break, the felicitation ceremony started, and the awards were presented by the hands of Shri Rituraj Govind Jha, MLA, NCT of Delhi, who was the Special Guest of Honor for the event. The list of awardees is as below:

1. Dr.Smilty Paul, Best Creative Personality 2023 (Bharatnatyam) TIGP MISS INDIA 2023 RUNNER UP 

2. Smruti Prashant Jadhav, Best Women of Excellence 2023 (Education -Design Sector)

3. Sonia Pandey, Best Yoga Teacher & Social Contributor 2023

4. Dr. Rama Srivastava, Outstanding Women of Excellence 2023 (Author)

5. Dr. Sudipta Mishra, (Honorary)Best Social Changemaker 2023

6. Kiran Tyagi, Best Social Changemaker & Influencer 2023

7. Devika Chohan, Best Legal Expert & Social Contributor 2023

8. Himanshi Choudhary, Best Tarot Card Reader & Healer (The Mystic Empress)

9. Vandana Sethhi, Best Woman Entrepreneur 2023 (Communication Sector)

10. Prabhjyot Kaur, Best Media & PR Expert 2023 (Media Shark)

11. Dr. Anita SambhajiPisal, Best Social Changemaker 2023

12. Chahat Tyagi, Young Women of Excellence 2023 (Powerlifter)

13. Dr.Dolice Victor, Best Interior Design Studio 2023 (Dziner Kitchens)

14. Meenakshi S Trivedi, The Mom’s Prep – Best Yoga Expert & Trainer (Pre &  Post Natal)

15. Neha Gupta, Best Legal Management Trainer & Expert 2023

16. Ruchika Arora, Best Coffee Cup Reader & Astrologer 2023

17. Utkarsha Akash Jaiswal, Best Women of Excellence 2023 (Makeup Sector)

18. Nidhi Chaudhry, Best Educationist 2023

19. Mena Mittle, Best Women of Excellence 2023 (Education)

20. Dr. Meera Singh, Best Educationist & Social Contributor 2023

21. Dr. Ladli Chatterjee, Best Clinical Expert 2023 (Diabetologist)

22. Rittu Kapil, Best Yoga Therapist 2023

23. Preeti Sharma, Best Prolific Writer 2023

24. Rima Dey, Best Emerging Animal & Rescuer 2023

25. Sonia Rawat, Best Social Contributor 2023

26. Dr.Nitasha Verma (PT), Best Clinical Expert 2023 (Physiotherapy) 

27. J oshita Sharma, Best Women of Excellence 2023 (Art & Culture)

28. S hradha Goyal, Best Handwriting Expert 2023

29. Sanjukta Arun Barik, Best Women Entrepreneur 2023 (Art & Culture)

30. Shweta Nayyar, Best Mental Health Expert & Mentor 2023 (Calmfinity)

31. Rachita Vishwakarma, Avisha Association-        Best Social Changemaker 2023

32. Shalu Rai, Best Yoga Therapist 2023 (Y & M Healing)

33. Aarati, Best Addiction & Schizophrenia Treatment Center 2023 (The Anni Foundation)

34. Paromita Mukherjee Sinha, Best Educationist 2023 

35. Krishna Punia, Best Social Influencer 2023

36. Dr. Tanya Bajaj Sood, Best Physiotherapist 2023 

37. Pallavi Tulpule, Best Posh & Legal Consultant 2023

38. Nitika Abhi Jain, Best Make Up Artist & Trainer 2023 

39. Divya Malpani, Best Women Entrepreneur 2023 (Skinvest)

40. Shalini Sharma, Best creative personality 2023 (Kathak Exponent)

41. Neha Mahalpure, Best Healthcare Expert 2023 (Dental Professional)

42. Neha Tyagi, Best Procurement Specialist 2023

43. Simran, Best Social Influencer 2023 (Musafir Girl Vlog)

The Crazy Tales took this opportunity to thank their wellness partner, Abhishek Verma, Best Unisex Spa (Prana Spa), Rimjhim Dubey, Best Anchor 2023; media partner, Sagar Barik,  Seen Media Publications, studio partner, Rahul Shrivastava; Frame Expert, powered by partner, Colorbar Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., and associate partner, Skinvest.

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