New Delhi (India), July 29: In the midst of challenging times, there are individuals who rise above the difficulties and create a lasting impact. Aahat M. Sharma and Akhand Mehta, the remarkable sibling founders of MuLive, embody this spirit. Despite the adversities brought about by the global pandemic, they not only survived but thrived, establishing MuLive as a standout in the co-living industry.

MuLive’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the significance of providing exceptional quality. Drawing from their experiences in student housing and their family business of educational institutions, Aahat and Akhand recognized the need for improved accommodation options for millennials. With unwavering determination, they took a leap of faith and founded MuLive.

Little did they know that their resolve would be tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. MuLive commenced its operations on March 2nd, only to face a subsequent lockdown. However, Aahat and Akhand refused to succumb to despair. They remained focused on offering hassle-free, inclusive, and comfortable living experiences for millennial migrants, becoming a beacon of hope during uncertain times.

During the pandemic, MuLive provided assistance and accommodation to individuals who found themselves stranded and unable to return home. The company also organized evenings of music and book launch gatherings, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment among its residents.

MuLive transcended the traditional concept of a mere living space; it became a thriving community. Residents found belonging, support, and friendship, particularly during the challenging pandemic period. MuLive’s commitment to quality enhanced resident satisfaction and retention rates, providing stability and nurturing an environment where people could truly thrive.

The impact of Aahat and Akhand’s visionary approach is evident in MuLive’s remarkable growth. Starting with an initial investment of $6000, they achieved extraordinary success, leaving an indelible mark. However, MuLive’s impact extends far beyond financial achievements. It has offered a sanctuary where millennials can forge connections, create lasting memories, and find solace.

MuLive has served a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, colleges, corporations, government agencies, and international organizations. Their ability to meet the accommodation needs of such varied entities demonstrates their adaptability and versatility.

At present, MuLive’s revenue stands at an impressive total of over $4 million. From a modest beginning with just 28 beds, they experienced significant growth, expanding to 300 beds within two years. Operating over 350+ beds in West Delhi, they are the sole organized player in the area. Aahat and Akhand have proven that even in the darkest of times, when confronted with immense challenges, it is possible to emerge stronger and make a positive difference.

MuLive continues its rapid expansion, venturing into tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Their aim is to provide their exceptional co-living offerings to a broader range of residents in different locations, spreading their positive impact far and wide. With resilience as their foundation and excellence as their driving force, Aahat and Akhand are shaping the future of co-living accommodations through MuLive.

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