New Delhi (India), September 22: As a publisher, BlueRose takes immense pride in introducing the world to the masterpiece that is ‘Nirantar Ishq’ by the multitalented Sumant Poddar. His endeavors span a spectrum of domains, reflecting a man of diverse talents – from the realms of business to the nuances of authorship, from evocative poetry to the pursuit of golf.

In the realm of literature, Sumant Poddar stands as a multifaceted individual. He’s not just a seasoned businessman but also an accomplished author, a soul-stirring poet, and an ardent golfer. With each publication, Sumant opens a window into his world, inviting readers to explore the unique tapestries of his thoughts and experiences. The latest addition to his literary legacy, ‘Nirantar Ishq,’ holds a place of profound significance in his heart.

The verses within ‘Nirantar Ishq’ are akin to a tapestry, woven with threads of love, life, and societal reflections. Sumant embarked on his writing journey in 2006, marking a pivotal year in his creative expression. His Hindi poetry, a repository of emotions and contemplations on life, love, and societal intricacies, found its voice. Encouraged by the support of family and friends, Sumant meticulously compiled these poetic expressions into a collection that tugs at the soul.

A prominent theme that courses through the pages of ‘Nirantar Ishq’ is the exploration of ‘Shringaar Ras’ – the Ras of Love. Sumant ventures into the depths of human emotions, painting vivid portraits with his words. His verses dance on the delicate threads that bind hearts, capturing love in its manifold forms.

Yet, Sumant’s poetic journey transcends romance. It ventures into the realm of societal issues, infusing his poetry with astute observations on the world around us. Through his verses, readers are invited to reflect on these themes, forging a poignant connection to the complexities of our shared existence.

What sets Sumant’s poetry apart is its relatability. In the verses of ‘Nirantar Ishq,’ readers will find echoes of their own experiences, moments that resonate deep within, and reflections that mirror their own sentiments. Sumant possesses a unique ability to distill universal emotions into exquisitely crafted lines, forging a profound connection between his words and the reader’s heart.

‘Nirantar Ishq’ isn’t just a book; it’s an invitation, an odyssey through the intricacies of human relationships and societal fabric. For Sumant, every publication is a labor of love, a testament to his dedication to the craft of poetry.

In Sumant Poddar’s hands, words cease to be mere ink on paper; they become vessels of emotion, carriers of profound thought, and bridges that span across time and space. ‘Nirantar Ishq’ is a testament to the transformative power of poetry – it touches the soul, inspires introspection, and reminds us of the enduring beauty of the written word.

Sumant Poddar’s ‘Nirantar Ishq’ is not just a book; it’s an experience, an immersion into the realms of love, life, and the human experience. It invites readers to savor the beauty of language, to reflect on the intricacies of our emotions, and to find solace in the shared experiences that bind us all.

The founder and CEO of BlueRose Publishers, Mr. Syed Arshad, extends his congratulations to the author of this great work of poetry“I wish him the best of luck as he strives to become one of the most accomplished writers.”

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