New Delhi (India), November 25: Each episode of the sensational “Starry Secrets Show” Season 1 outshines the last, capturing the hearts of the ever-enthusiastic Gen Z audience. Following the explosive debut with Samarth Jurel, the show hit new heights with the enchanting Jiya Shankar’s revelations.

Jiya Shankar, a luminary in the television industry and a recent standout in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, graced the renowned celebrity talk show, “Starry Secrets,” fueled by Winmatch. Known for her compelling portrayals as “Susheela” Ruhail Solanki in Kaatelal & Sons and Dr Iravati “Ira” Pandey in Meri Hanikarak Biwi, Jiya brings not only her professional prowess but also candid insights into her personal life, including relationships and heartbreaks.

The podcast delves into Jiya Shankar’s journey, transforming from humble beginnings to the glitzy realm of the entertainment industry. In a captivating conversation with the show’s host, Ishika, Jiya reminisces about her audition days at Aaram Nagar, the breeding ground for aspiring artists. She narrates the challenges her family faced, emphasizing the resilience that propelled her towards stardom. The discussion unfolds with warmth as Jiya traces the significance of her blockbuster TV shows, “Kaatelal and Sons” and “Meri Hanikarak Biwi,” not only shaping her career but also fortifying her confidence on-screen. Jiya’s narrative, woven with moments of vulnerability and strength, adds depth to her charismatic persona, revealing a spirit that goes beyond the glamour of the entertainment industry.

The show takes an intriguing turn as Jiya Shankar shares riveting gossip from her past, including a heated altercation with Pooja Bhatt during their Bigg Boss journey. Describing it as one of her most savage moments, Jiya defends herself, embracing the complexity of her relationships and emphasizing the importance of apology and reconciliation. She boldly asserts, “Mera joh kuch hai aisa he hai, I am like this…”.

The revelation continues with Jiya asserting the authenticity of reality shows, dispelling myths and affirming that they are 100% real, devoid of external scripting. The episode is spiced up with Jiya’s confession of stalking her fans’ accounts, keeping a pulse on trends and theories initiated by her ardent supporters. On the sets of Starry Secrets, she amusingly shares her longest celebrity crush, Hrithik Roshan, and identifies the squirrel as her spirit animal, symbolizing her cautious approach to her surroundings.

The ripple effect of this captivating episode has reached over 100k views on YouTube, garnering praise for the interviewer’s insightful questions and the overall brilliance of the show. Fans express admiration, with one noting, “I think this is one of the best interviews I’ve watched till now.” Another fan comments on the celebrity podcast, highlighting Jiya Shankar’s inspiring journey from obscurity to capturing hearts, making “Starry Secrets” a must-watch spectacle.”

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