New Delhi (India), January 3: The recent gathering organized by the All India Matua Federation stands as a remarkable testament to the unity, traditions, and shared values within the Matua community, a sect of AVARNA Bengali Hindus known as Namasudras. Originating from the teachings of Harichand Thakur, who founded the Matua sect of Hinduism, the Matua Mahasangha, headquartered in Thakur’s ancestral village, Orakandi, Faridpur, Bengal Presidency (now in Bangladesh), has been instrumental in organizing devotees and preserving the community’s cultural heritage.

The Matua community, known for its active participation in social movements, has been engaged in advocating for issues such as representation and the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 2019. Beyond these concerns, the community has fostered a deep commitment to its values, exemplified through initiatives like the Matri Sena—a women’s organization dedicated to upholding Matua traditions and advancing gender equality, education, and citizenship ideals.

At the heart of the recent All India Matua Federation event was the inspiring distribution of Sri Sri Harilelamrita and Shitavastra by Ms. Pamela Goswami to the Matua community. This symbolic gesture underscored the power of unity and reflected the community’s embrace of its traditional practices. A noteworthy aspect of the event was the collective pledge by hundreds of young men and women to adhere to the Twelve Commandments, a solemn commitment that resonated throughout the assembly.

Ms. Pamela Goswami’s active involvement in the event and her expressed interest in future social activities highlighted the positive impact of community gatherings. The event showcased the collective celebration of traditions and a shared dedication to common goals, emphasizing the strength of community bonds.

It’s important to recognize that the Matuas play a significant role within the cultural fabric of West Bengal. Beyond their rich history of social reform and anti-caste movements, the recent event serves as a reminder of the Matua community’s enduring commitment to its traditions and values. The All India Matua Federation’s emphasis on unity, tradition, and support for the Twelve Commandments exemplifies the resilience and cultural pride within the Matua community. The event drew attention not only for its cultural significance but also for the community’s collective strength and dedication to preserving its unique heritage.

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