New Delhi (India), February 3:  AstroNidan has completely transformed the way astrological predictions are made for millennials and Gen Zs by utilising the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With its next-generation AI-ML models, AstroNidan provides the most accurate and personalised predictions tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Now, AstroNidan is the go-to destination for people who are serious about discovering their cosmic plan for a career and relationships. It is the world’s first platform to enable ancient Astrological knowledge with advanced technological research to revolutionise the overall idea of astrology and enhance its predictability.

Marriage and Career Astrology Reports

AstroNidan has recently launched “Marriage Time Prediction,” “Love Marriage Prediction,” and “Kundali Matching” reports

( To cater to the youth with queries like when are you getting married and whether you have better chances of love or arranged marriage. Further, to analyse the proposals with matching the Kundali, choose the best match for the future. Apart from the conventional thoughts on matching, like Guna matching, which is not enough, they also look at the other aspects of your Kundali. The Guna/Astakoot matching based on Nakshatra is also backed by planetary influence, transits, houses, rashis, etc., and advanced AI-ML prediction.

For career, they have “Best Career Prediction” and “Career Ups and Downs Prediction” reports ( To assist in choosing your career path, looking at job stability, the good and bad phases of your career, or even the possibility of going abroad, astrology can provide all the insights you need.

This is all based on Vedic Astrological principles powered by AI-ML models with data backed by millions of Kundalis. The Kundali research part of the website is also live for customers to enquire and understand the predictions better. These days, this is highly appreciated by individuals because it acknowledges and fosters their foremost curiosity about careers and relationships. 

Amazed to see what all information your Kundali holds as cosmic insights.

Does all this not give you goosebumps about how much information your birth chart holds? Genetic code has all information coded in your body. Your Kundali has all the other life information and you just have to go in the right direction to see and reap all its benefits.

Just like how Kundali tells us about a person’s personality based on the planets, it also helps us understand the energy and vibes surrounding the beginning of a marriage. Where the planets are placed on the chart and the rising sign can give us clues about when the stars are aligned for the wedding, how the marriage will feel, and what kind of energy it will have.

For a career, each planet supports a particular career direction, and your career horoscope shows the placement of different planets in your chart. Based on the strengths of these Karmic planets, your career horoscope gives you direction to decide the best career for you. The planet’s aspects and transits have a significant role.

Are recent systems more efficient than a human in Astrological predictions, too?

With several planetary positions and their aspects influencing one another, different houses and their lord’s aspects, and conjugation, astrology is a challenging subject with intricate mathematical computations and interpretations. This system is in-built with many information from the ancient Vedic Scriptures and books, as well as many other researches based on it. It is also efficient in doing all the complex astronomical calculations, considering all the planetary transits and placements. All this information and interpretations are in real-time, supported by the artificial intelligence algorithms. To create a unique blend while considering all the factors, which is a major challenge, it requires more than a brilliant mind to follow it, with the most advanced technologies based on AI-ML. The advantage of Astronidan is that it has well-researched and formulated models to assess it and provide you with the best interpretation of all. It is again calibrated and validated over millions of horoscopes worldwide.

How AstroNidan Platform is unique and has authentic astrological predictions.

Astronidan has designed its proprietary technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which uses NASA Data to chart the exact location of the stars in real time. Researched over more than hundreds of classic astrological texts and unleashed the Vedic scriptures like Brihat Parasara, Hora Sastra, Laghu Parashari, Jatak Samhita and Phaladipika, etc. Thoroughly studied and interpreted the rules based on shlokas. Formulated and coded over lakhs of astrological principles from these scriptures through complex algorithms. To create your hyper-personalised insights with unparalleled accuracy for all the charts, like the Birth chart, Navamsa chart, etc., in all different Ayamshas like Lahiri, Ture Chitra, etc. These Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) models are curated and validated over millions of horoscopes/kundalis. This comprehensive blueprint is designed to provide accurate and reliable horoscope readings, offering valuable insights for those seeking to better understand themselves and their future.

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