Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 17: Founders Club India, a pioneering community of entrepreneurs and investors, is elated to announce the successful launch of its sixth company, IndusExperts Technology. This significant milestone reflects the organization’s dedication to fostering innovation and propelling growth within the entrepreneurial landscape.

Indus Experts Technology, now a public limited company, emerges as a leader in corporate and legal compliance research, reshaping professional connections and growth opportunities for individuals and companies alike. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, Indus Experts introduces a revolutionary Compliance Management Software (CMS) designed to streamline corporate compliances and litigation management processes. This innovative platform integrates project and task management functionalities, offering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for users.

Founders Club India is an initiative of HBF Direct Limited, a distinguished management consultancy specializing in Corporate Finance, Legal Advisory, and IPOs. Serving as the SME IPO Promotional Partner for BSE India, HBF Direct Ltd. is committed to supporting SMEs in achieving growth through IPOs and digital banking. Together, HBF Direct Ltd. and Founders Club India provide comprehensive guidance and support to businesses, from ideation to IPO, enabling them to realize their full potential.

About Founders Club India:

Founders Club India is a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth. Through its government-recognized model, Founders Club India empowers companies to thrive by providing access to capital, mentorship, and a supportive network of like-minded individuals. With a track record of success, Founders Club India continues to drive entrepreneurship forward and inspire positive change in the company ecosystem.

Together, HBF Direct Limited and Founders Club aim to inspire and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs, making the journey from IDEA TO IPO a reality.

“After two years of devoted research, pilot programs, and revenue generation, we are excited to unveil Indus Experts to the world,” stated Mr. Sachin K Sheoran, CEO of HBF Direct Limited. “We are confident in our ability to guide this company to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within the next six years through our IDEA to IPO mission.”

Founded on a government-recognized model to invest in New registered public limited companies, Founders Club India has sparked an industry-wide shift towards fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. By empowering its community members and shareholders, Founders Club India continues to catalyze growth and drive positive change in the company ecosystem.

We are excited about the prospects of our latest venture and are confident in its ability to disrupt markets and drive sustainable growth. As we continue to pursue our mission of fostering entrepreneurship, we look forward to seeing the positive impact our community will have on the business landscape,” affirms Mr. Sachin K Sheoran, CEO of HBF Direct Limited.