Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 6:  Dr. Dinesh Shahra, a luminary known for his pivotal role in India’s Yellow Revolution and esteemed as an industrialist and philanthropist, graced Parmarniketan with his presence on 3rd May, participating in the Ganga Arti. This auspicious visit coincided with a significant event at the ashram, heralding a new era in the pursuit of wisdom and philanthropy. 

During his visit, Dr. Shahra had the honour of meeting BK Shivani, a revered spiritual leader at the ashram. The discussions centered around Parmarniketan’s multifaceted initiatives in wisdom and societal upliftment, marking a significant convergence of philosophies. 

In a gesture symbolizing shared values and mutual respect for wisdom, Dr. Shahra presented BK Shivani with his acclaimed book series “Sanatan Living,” encapsulating timeless wisdom and advocating for global peace. This act underscores Dr. Shahra’s unwavering commitment to disseminating the message of world peace, oneness, and harmony. 

Beyond philosophical dialogue, Dr. Shahra actively participated in his ongoing philanthropic endeavors. He visited local schools, continuing his legacy of supporting welfare initiatives, particularly emphasizing his dedication to child education and fostering values of global harmony among young minds. Dr. Shahra engaged with students, imparting invaluable insights and encouraging them to embrace principles of peace and unity. 

As an author, Dr. Shahra remains steadfast in promoting the ethos of world peace and the concept of Vasudev Kutumbakum, advocating for harmonious coexistence on a global scale. 

His efforts extend through the Dinesh Shahra Foundation, a beacon of philanthropic initiatives aimed at creating a positive impact across diverse spheres of society.

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